Yesterday Joe Horneck launched his campaign as a candidate for Mississauga Ward 4 City Councillor. He was joined by over 40 supporters at the Hazel McCallion Campus of Sheridan College in downtown Mississauga.

“I’m very happy with the increasing amount of support I’ve been receiving from voters in ward 4. The momentum has been tremendous,” said Horneck.

Horneck gave a presentation to the crowd about his priorities for Mississauga ward 4. “My priorities are reducing gridlock through improving transit, maintaining strong city services while keeping taxes low, and making downtown a vibrant destination.”

The campaign launch was followed by a number of supporters knocking on doors to speak directly with the residents of ward 4 and ask about the issues that matter to them. Horneck said “I’m thrilled by the enthusiasm from my volunteers and supporters braving the cold and snow to help me reach out to the voters”.

Horneck Campaign Launch 2

Photo credit to Marcie Costello Photography.