Election campaigns involve hard work and smart strategy, but mostly campaigns are about showing voters who you are as a candidate and what you intend to do when elected.

I believe I am going to be elected on Monday. This will be achieved because me and our team have successfully shown people that I will be a responsive, ethical and dynamic Councillor for the City of Mississauga.


I believe to be an effective Councillor, you have to listen to people. In literally walking that talk, we have recorded about 2,500 conversations in our door-to-door canvassing this election. You can see where these occurred below. We have spoken to many more people than that. Our recorded conversations are just those where someone answering the door had something to say.

Recorded Conversation Locations

We asked people about their concerns and the most common raised issues were street safety, taxes / affordability, city service and crime. You can read more about these issues and my strategy for tackling them on the My Priorities section of my campaign website.

I have committed that my first job as the City Councillor for will be responding to those concerns — starting with those most frequently raised. I won’t be able to solve every problem, but when I can’t, I will let people know where things stand and why.


How do you convince people you will be an ethical leader? It’s not easy. Barack Obama’s team used to say there are two kinds of politicians — those who want to be somebody and those who want to do something. I’ve done the be somebody thing — rising to the level of Vice President for an international bank, but I have always wanted to do something — to give back. That time has fully come. I have a passion for the issues, and I have demonstrated that during this campaign, but over the years as well. Issues are not just technical matters to be solved — they are people’s real problems and concerns. I have worked hard to demonstrate that my job as Councillor will not be about me, it will be about the people I serve and help.


With 2,500 conversations, 650 signs installed on residents’ lawns and countless phone calls and emails answered, I believe I have demonstrated I have the drive to bring real energy to my role as City Councillor. Furthermore, Mississauga requires new ideas and new solutions as the city continues to grow, evolve and age. With a young family and a strong combination of experience and relative youth, I have worked to show I have the ability to help take Mississauga successfully forward into the future.

Others Agree

Mayor Bonnie Crombie has said, “We need to elect Joe.” Hazel McCallion has a Joe Horneck sign on her lawn. The Mississauga Firefighters have endorsed me (and were a huge help installing signs.) I have the support of religious, business and community leaders. Finally, more than 650 residents have taken one of my signs and many of our identified voters have already cast a ballot.

I hope you agree too and to those who live in Ward 6 who haven’t cast a ballot already, it is with humility and gratefulness that I ask for your vote on Monday.

Thank you for supporting me and making a time for change in Ward 6 — right now!


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